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Independence chain

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While I am a born and bred Canadian, I do know some American History. I know that during the American Revolution, blacksmiths forged a chain that was draped across a river to prevent British ships from crossing. I do not know if this is already being done, though anyway my idea is this: as blacksmiths, it is our obligation to demonstrate the importance of the smith in History and make a chain, that article of both the Master and the Apprentice.
As I can not remember the particular location of said event, nor the date, someone will have to fill that in, do the ceremony or whatever you wish to call it on that date, maybe nationwide
Have smiths gather together, each to forge three to five links (maybe even thirteen...original states) and link them all together
The links would of course be of similar dimension
Each year, keep adding to the chain, or exchange the chain from one location to a neighboring city or state and keep adding to it
I don't think it is utterly important to have proof quality chain - as I believe smiths of all skill levels should be able to contribute.

Any comments?

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Hi Daryl. I just read this one. No one has replied? I remember something about West Point having a huge, forged chain across the river to prevent ships from coming around the bend and suprising the fort.

I can't remember all the details, though.

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The idea was meant to be a starting point. The nature of it is meant to be a part of Americana. As has been so succinctly demonstrated, American Independence had a price; no less should we forget the sacrifices of all those before us, both of the pioneers and military. The chain could be meant as symbolic re-enactment of the event and also as a means of bringing the fraternity of smiths closer together. The details, however, should be worked out by those that would be closest to the action.
For whatever merit it does or does not possess, I just had the idea.

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I think any project that can be added to is worth while.
I also particularly like making chain.
One thing needed is reasonably specific specs. As to length width square round is the link twisted slightly, size of stock. Do you want a touch mark on each piece from a maker?
Also what type of metal to be used.

I DO think it is a good idea.

But then again I made a hair over 3 meters of chain for a display project.
The Mastermyr Project. And I had a hoot doing so, Also it is sorta nice to know that some of my work is being displayed at events all over. The project ( a tool box and assorted tools) was at the last ABANA conference, and I think has been to several events in teh east and midwest.

So decide on what specs you want, also where to send for assembly etc.

You will be suprised at how many folks will participate. :shock:

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The Great Chain was stretched across the Hudson River from West Point to Constitution Island. I don't know if Benedict Arnold was in command of West Point when it was installed; however, apparently a description of it was included with the information he leaked to the British at the time of the Betrayal. Reportedly, some of it is either displayed or stored today at the US Military Academy in West Point.

Cool idea.

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More than cool idea. What we need is to get hooked up somehow with a shipping concern and a central assembly area to put the whole thing together. Time is the deal for me and of course anyone else. Historic stuff like this should be correct. Once the size and details of the chain links are known we can proceed. Bait for the shipping concern would of course be promotion of their company with free shipping of the pieces to be assembled at an area to be decided. I can see this evolving into a project and needing a coordinator. Won't be me. :) I will however help in any way I can including R&D. Somebody has to decide how much chain and somebody has to have a national place to display it. Somehow I'm thinking that this has been done once or mebbe it's just caffene deficiency. I'm sure that if we look deep nuff we can find answers. We also will of course be using steel for the chain ?

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