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Done for the Day..... Now what??


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Hello to All, I'm new to this site and to smithing in general. I searched throughout this site and have read alot of great information on annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering. I was wondering however, what do i do with an unfinished product at the end of the day when its time to turn in. Say for instance i have annealed a piece of steel, hot worked it as much as i could manage in the time i had, and now it's time to shut down the forge and put up for the day/night. Do i need to normalize the forementioned piece of stock before i shut down?, Should i go through the annealing process again?, Or can i just shut it down and set the unfinished product off to the side until the next chance i get to come back to it. I really don't want to start out with the right process only to ruine a half finished piece because i didn't do something as simple as normalizing or annealing and setting in ash or vermiculite to cool until its time to fire up the forge again. All info/advice is much appreciated. Thanks!!

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