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I Forge Iron

Never ceases to amaze me...

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Look at the top link first, then the second link...Nothing else to say really :lol:

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You guys are just not getting the point here.
The Sears hammer has been put on the shelf/display by a stock boy working in the tool section of Sears.
The auction hammer has been held (and probably even used) by a REAL BLACKSMITH.
Well worth the extra cost as it has the magic(otherwise known as "patina")is already installed by the previous owner. :rolleyes:

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I think I have it figured out, they're paying an extra $35 because it has a green label on the hammer....that makes worth a whole lot more. And don't forget that it is listed on ebay as "collectable" that's got to raise the value...going to round up some of my 'used' tools.
At this rate I could sell them, buy a replacement and pocket some money LOL

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