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Bending fork


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Started a little project a couple of weeks ago. I had a piece of round bar about 1,5" diameter, 4,5" long, laying around... I've looked at it many times, and finally one day, I threw it into the forge. I tapered down a shank (1") and popped it into my hardy hole and made the upsetting there. This is for a smaller anvil, and I noticed that the anvil actually heated up quite a bit, so be careful and cool the hardy hole bit of your anvil doing stuff like this. To fuller down the middle part I made myself a spring fuller from two pieces from a crowbar forged to shape and welded onto the "spring". Heat treated and all...
Now I have to draw the fork part out a bit further and split it in two. Wonder what diameter I should aim for? I am thinking 5/8"-ish. It's mild steel, perhaps even larger.

I'll try to hot cut the split. It's tempting to do that in the upright position in the hardy hole, but making a straight cut like that sounds impossible, or what do you think? Still, the plan is to do it horizontally from both sides...


This tool is made to fit my large anvil with a 1,5" hardy hole. That's why I used a stump of square tubing as a shank...

Quite hard work doing "heavy" stuff like this by hand and alone... :)

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I'd lay out the cut with a center punch on both sides and then cut it from both sides.

Have you though of making a variation of your fuller with wedge shaped "cutters" that oppose each other and roughing in the cut with that and then finishing off the slitting of the web perhaps vertically? Or even with a hacksaw.

Very nice ornamental fuller!

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The bending fork is ready for use! I think it turned out very nice.


It actually wasn't mild steel... when I made it ready for center punching for the split line, i quenched it, and it hardened up quite a bit... my center punch went "popp". Had to regrind that one. Thought I did spark test it from the beginning, must have been blind. So, for the final stage i just normalized it. Hope that's ok.

It's a nice ring to it as well... probably could tune an instrument with it :)

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