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need some help


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Okay, I read and reread tips and pointers as well as the book by Jim Hrisoulas, and am still having no luck with a clipped point blade. I tried tapering out the front end of the bar to form the "clip" then went on to make the blade. Only problem was, when I formed the blade, the clip disappeared every time. I attached a picture and circled what's left of the clip, and that was after about 6 or 7 times of flattening it out and starting at square 1 all over again, basically wasting the whole night. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I know I can all too easily just grind a clip, but that's not the point (no pun there) I'm trying to make. I know I can forge the clip in, and want to learn how.


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As usual on these forums you got a great answer, However let me suggest a more trying side of this problem. If you will spend some time forging..anything at all, even knives with a direct thought on wot does the metal do when I do this? You will be way ahead of a lot of folks learning to make specific items. Learn wot all areas of the anvil do when you smack hot steel down onto them. The anvil is a basic bottom die. The hammer a top die. See how metal moves over the horn, over the flats and along the edges. See what different faces of hammer do and then wot they do in conjunction with all parts of the anvil. I remember how good I felt when I just began to see that I could almost predict wot would happen when I smacked hot steel and from there could fairly accurately predict wot the shape would change to. If you have done all of this and are good to go then forget you read this and go back to the reply above.....

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