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Moved my shop

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I am Miloš (Milosh), from Belgrade, Serbia.
I've started armouring way back, when I was still a kid, and now I've finally moved my shop from a 30'sq utility room in my apartment block to a friends 130ish sq feet shed in cheep suburban neighborhood.

I had been lurking on this forum for a while, searching for forge designs, ventilation solutions and some genreal blacksmithing info, as I hope to build some tools the old way in the future.

I plan to expand my volume of work in the new shop, to generate sufficient income in order to acquire more tools and pay some scholarship fees.

That is it for now.
I will post some pics of my work and shop soon.

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Welcome, I'm eager to see your work!

I've been a member of the SCA for about 33 years now and still get a kick out of well done hot work.
(I'm taking my Y1K forge to an SCA "war" next week---several thousand people in armour fighting at the same time; me I'll be chatting up the cooks...

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Welcome Milosh,

Glad to see that you are no longer lurking and have joined the ranks. Since you have been looking around here for a while, I'll be glad to see your work and also look forward to learning from you. Everybody has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. :)
Thomas, do you post on the Armour Archive? I think I've seen you there.
Marksangel, thanks for bumping the Smokestack topic.

I'll post some pics of my new shop on the appropriate topic after the weekend.

OTOH, I've just scored a ~16" ~35bs piece of rail for some 6$ to become a neat little armouring anvil. :D
Was going to get sheet steel for shop chimney, but they didn't have any cold rolled steel for the hood, so I didn't bother to get galvy for the top part and ended up going to the junkyard and buying the rail.

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