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Ductile Iron Anvil?

Guest DanielT

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Guest DanielT

I found a new anvil on ebay for only $140 but it is made of Ductile Iron not tool steel and no steel face. It is 85lbs so the $140 price didn't sound too back compared to new full steel.

Is it worth it or just a nice looking boat anchor? Worried about it just being too soft or breaking with light work.
I am new to blacksmithing and will just be doing it as a hobby so won't be beating on it too much.

Thanks for your help

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Guest DanielT

Here is some more info on it incase it helps figure out the value.

Material is alloyed nodular iron (Ductile Iron) fire hardened to a Rockwell of 52
Height 8 3/4"

Work face 12 1/4" x 5"

Base 9 1/2" x 7"

Horn 5 1/2"

Hardie hole 1"

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Ductile iron can make decent anvils, though they'll be far more chip prone than a good steel anvil. However, I agree with Southshore: that anvil looks like junk. The design is just terrible.In fact I'd be a little surprised if someone wasted good ductile iron on something that crude. I'm very skeptical of this guy. Note that he has a feedback score of zero. Do a yellow pages search for "Kruse" in Westfield, Indiana, and you come up with nothing like an iron foundry. (There is a "Kruse Machine Company" about 10 miles away, according to Google.) I'd save my money if I were you. If you keep your eyes open and are patient, for $140 you can get a used, antique, quality anvil that'll be a known quantity.

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