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Backsmith Wars "War Hammers"

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Tom Ferry and I are also working on the "trophy".... the winners I assume will get to take the hammer home, but the trophy will stay with the event... The champions will have there name put on the trophy with the year and location of there win... Its really going to be a fantastic event. I really enjoyed competing in Blacksmith Wars at our 30 year conference... This one is shaping up to be a real humdinger

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I'm going to be there, I've found I don't like big conferences because I usually can't process all the data input/day, but I got a smithing bro who's offered free lodging with designated driving, and it sounds like this will be a true kick! Could someone define "blacksmith wars"? Knives, guns, hammers? How long is the allotted time? I made a personal vow several years back to stop taking on Cinderella work from guys with expensive haircuts, wearing golf shirts, that casually mention deadlines, and use me as the scapegoat for the whole project running over, even though The stair treads weren't installed till 6 days before move-in date. It seems like a different paradigm, trading quality for time.. I'd be happy to have a tinnie and watch, however.

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At our last "war" we 5 teams of 6 ( I think, my memory sucks) We where given a timed challenge, A couple hours for design and planing and I think a total of 6 work hours. We didn't know what the project would be before hand, only that we would have to scrounge a scrap pile for materials and that it would have to fit within a specified area. The theme was "Beautiful Northwest" We made the panel and where judged on how closely we matched our design drawing, if we got it done in the completed time, if we fit the criteria, and the quality and appeal of our peice... Our team was the first to finish and was second place over all... It really was a lot of fun.. The panels where sold at our auction with the proceeds going to help the group. It was one of the most fun conference events I have participated it,

Here is a video of me selling the Ballard Beavers entry during the conference auction...


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