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Possible buy?

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I'd like the opinion of you guys on this anvil? I want another anvil and I will go and pick it up if some of you experts give a nod. :)

Old Southern Crescent anvil. Probably pre-WWII. Made by Southern Skein and Foundry Company, Chattanooga, TN. Tool steel top with cast-iron, recessed base. Has 10 stamped on the top of one of the feet. Approximately 100lbs.
Good collectors piece or general shop anvil.

Call to come look.


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How hard up are you for an anvil? That type is on the lower tier of quality as far as "real" anvils go.

It will be a quiet anvil if noise problems are an issue in your area.

At 100# if will not be suitable for heavy work, what are you planning to do?

I'd like it a bit lower in price myself and would myself pass on it as I have better; however if you are hard up for an anvil it will work as one to a point.

(And nothing seems to flush out anvils as buying one...)

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So I guess my real question would be: Would it make a good secondary anvil? Well what kind of work could be done with it. As far as sounding loud...uh not a concern of mine. I have an anvil that has a beautiful ring to it when I wanting to make music. Tin smithing maybe, copper hey I may be answering for myself...who knows I'm green.

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