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tool made from bearing race

dave d

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I made a couple of tools from a large bearing race and I was worried about how hard the metal was, so I simply annealed them. One tool was a bending fork that served well for a decade before it broke. The other is a bending die, using the curve of the race and it's fine, but it gets a lot less abuse.

I'd be very hesitant to hammer on a piece of bearing race. When my fork failed it simply snapped right off, no bending or warning whatsoever. I realize that you've already put time into making the tool, so, if you're gonna use it, I would anneal it by heating to just above magnetic (as a guess at critical temp.) and cool as slowly as possible. You should only be using it on hot metal anyway, and that annealed tool steel will still be a lot tougher than mild steel.

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