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Moving - Free Steel and cheap stuff!

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Moving time has come and I don't see the point in hauling my steel 2 states away then storing it for a few years.... And the wife says I have to get rid of it. I would much rather give it away to a smith than send it to scrap! Also giving away/selling tools - ask if interrested!

I have about 30 pieces of HR 1045 around 8' long ranging from 5/16" to 1" - square and round, and a few strips of 1/2"x1/8" flat and one 3"x3/16" flat HR 1095 I think it is. I also have 4 nearly 1" thick NEW heavy truck coil springs, 4 sets of leaf springs, 4 20# (standard grill size) propane tanks, 2 full- size O2 tanks - 1 full but I'll use a bit of it to cut this stuff up.... I have a 63" long 3" square tube, 3/16" wall. And some odds and ends of tube and plate

Shop stuff and tools (selling dirt cheap or its going to get sold at a pawn shop for dirt cheap): cabinets,drawers, New 25' and 50' O/A hoses, a 30 ton air over hydraulic bottle jack, a ryobi 6" bench grinder with spare wheels, a couple 4-6" bench vices, some LYON 8'x12'x3' steel storage shelves system, air compressor (25 gal tank?), about 50# of 3/32-3/16" welding rod - mostly 6011 5/32" new, but a bit of other stuff including cronotron cronocast cast iron rods..... 15" variable speed (belt driven) bench-top SKIL drill press, welding vice-grips,O/A welding and brazing rod, brazing/welding flux for O/A.....

I have to get rid of 95% of what I have and am heart broken enough about that! I would much rather see a smith get this stuff than the scrap yard and pawn shops.

If you want the steel, just come get it or I will cut it up and send it in flat rate boxes for cost of shipping plus a couple bucks for cutting time.... Just PM me - I have 3 weeks to clear out of my shed. Before we starts packing for the move.

Sorry - forgot to mention location:

Fountain Colorado (Colorado Springs area)

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Thanks to everyone wanting steel I am looking at an affordable move... And Vulcan must be looking out for me because I also got an unsolicited call from a relative offering up some shop space until I buy another house in a few years, so my tools will have a new home!

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