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G'day from down under.
Names Mick, located northern NSW.
Mechanic by trade, been in and out of steel fab since the early 70's.
Have my own one man shop working in, steel, aluminium & stainless....specialise in CNC plasma cutting.
I run a Samson CNC table (by PlasmaCAM in the US) coupled with Hypertherm 1650.
Also produce steel wall and garden art although, since starting the shop 5 years ago, the art side has taken somewhat of a back seat.
Thought I'd say hi and, if there's anyone on here running Plasmacam or Samson tables, I'd like to hear from you.

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G'day Mick,

Welcome to IFI. Glad to meet you. Plenty of good people here and lots of information to be shared. Hopefully you're not near the floods. Bunch of your fellow Aussies here too.
I'm on the other side of the world, US.


Hi Mark,
I'm located about 75 clicks south of Brisbane as the crow flies.
Luckily we didn't experience any flooding....an area bigger than France & Germany is now under water in Queensland.
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G'Day Mick , firstly weclome to the site . Second thankfully your not effected by flooding

Bung youse name inta this , youse never know there mite be another smith just around the cnr from you .


Aslo look up this lot , they's not far from you .


Best till last . October 28 th , 29 th , 30 this yr


Dale Russell

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Hi Mick, welcome to the forums, I'm from the Peel River Artist Blacksmith group in Tamworth N.S.W. anytime your down this way please stop in for a chat and look around. The closest group to you would be "www.blacksmiths-australia.com" I know Mike would make you very welcome, so send him an email and say hellow. cheers John. :)

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