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Safety information - American Welding Society

1 Fumes and Gases Oct 05

2 Radiation Oct 03

3 Noise Oct 03

4 Chromium and Nickel in Welding Fume Oct 03

5 Electrical Hazards Aug 06

6 Fire and Explosion Prevention Aug 06

7 Burn Protection Sep 95

8 Mechanical Hazards Sep 95

9 Tripping and Falling Sep 95

10 Falling Objects Sep 95

11 Confined Spaces Sep 95

12 Contact Lens Wear Sep 95

13 Ergonomics in the Welding Environment Sep 95

14 Graphic Symbols for Precautionary Labels Sep 95

15 Style Guidelines for Safety and Health Documents Sep 95

16 Pacemakers and Welding Mar 97

17 Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Jan 96

18 Lockout/Tagout Mar 97

19 Laser Welding and Cutting Safety Mar 98

20 Thermal Spraying Safety Feb 97

21 Resistance Spot Welding Feb 99

22 Cadmium Exposure from Welding & Allied Processes Jan 02

23 California Proposition 65 Jul 01

24 Fluxes for Arc Welding and Brazing: Safe Handling and Use Jan 02

25 Metal Fume Fever Jan 02

26 Arc Viewing Distance Jul 04

27 Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes Oct 03

28 Oxyfuel Safety: Check Valves and Flashback Arrestors Apr 05

29 Grounding of Portable and Vehicle Mounted Welding Generators July 04

30 Cylinders: Safe Storage, Handling, and Use

Safety information - American Welding Society
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Just short message I thought might be useful to some of the more inexperenced members. This is a subject that you don't think about until it happens to you. Just so you know any uncover skin exposed to arc welding rays will be sunburned. This is especially true with MIG and TIG welding. Because there is less smoke involved with gas shielded welding process. I think? I always use a bandana or old T-Shirt around my neck to cover bare skin. Long sleeve shirts a must. Protect yourself with leather sleeves, or old cotton jacket.

Work Safe
Larry McCollum

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Being an experienced welder i would always advise wearing proper overalls . I herd of a chap who used to weld all the time wearing a t shirt sadley he got a cancerous growth under his arm. As a result he died as it was not descoverd until it had spread around his body. so always stay safe!

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