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Anvil from Princess Auto

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Anyone have any info on this anvil from Princess Auto? http://www.princessauto.com/workshop/garage/vises-and-anvils/vises/3430061-75-lb-cast-steel-anvil

Ive been looking for an anvil for a few months now. I'm currently using a piece of NARROW rail road track as my anvil, and have been looking for forklift tines as long as i've been looking for a new anvil.

Where I live, Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada, we do not have a railway anymore, and when we did, we had the longest narrow track railroad in North America. Ill post a pick of the track I have, but it is SMALL.

I seem to be running out of options for finding some form of anvil to work with, shipping one seems out of the question due to the extremely high shipping cost.

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Princess Auto anvils are cast iron ASO's (anvil shaped objects). The piece of rail that you are using will perform better that them as cast iron generally is not suitable for applications such as anvils. A block of mild steel from a scrap yard would work as well.

Did you see the 2 anvils recently listied on Kijiji Nova Scotia?

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check your scrappies.. i picked up a 6 inch round by 2ft long in the dartmouth scrap yard... sure its mild iron but it works fine..

also check out some repair yards.. some of the drive shafts on the big boats are 1045 or such.. could make a dandy post anvil..

you could contact the Maritime blacksmith assoc... maybe a anvil forsale through the grapevine..

if all else fails... you could hunt ebay... i bought a 5 inch round of H13... 7 in high, got it for 25 bucks.. they are steel drops from manufacturing

put the word out your looking for an anvil...


ps.. avoid the princess anvils.. you won't be happy with it

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I agree with what everyone else said. Don't waste your money. A nice chunk of mild steel is far superior to that ASO.

UPS will ship upto 150# and are considerably cheaper than ordinairy freight. If you buy from one of the anvil importers, they often can get good deals on freight.

If your budget cant stretch for a conventional anvil then seek out scrap yards, railway yards and the like.

Also, did you contact a blacksmith group in your area? Those guys will know where the anvils are.

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Check out the answer to a question regarding the difference between steel and cast iron on that page. They claim cast iron has less carbon than steel. :blink:

I emailed them that they are wrong lets see if they correct it.

That wouldn't be me! I maybe be a noob, but that is something I figured most already knew. :)
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