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I never really did an introduction


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hi my name is Joshua Mclaren i am 14 years old living in Ontario near toronto. I got interested in blacksmithing when i was 12 because of my interest in working with my hands and making somthing out of nothing. I viseted lang pioneer village on a school trip and the blacksmith shop was so amazing i was mezmoized by the way the steel moved under the hammer. I need to build a better tool collection but want to learn the basics first. i am i guess what you woul call a basic beginner. i have some books but i want to get the book "the art of blacksmithing" and "a blacksmithing primer" to get started i have "the new edge of the anvil" and "the complete modern blacksmith"
thanks for reading and any book suggestions or tips and tricks are very welcome

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I remember how much cash I had when I was 14 (about none) so don't forget the public library for reading material. They are able to inter-library-loan (ILL) these books if they don't have them. There are also a bunch of links to out of print books, and public domain books, and you can peruse Google books for other reading material.

Welcome aboard!


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Hi Josh. Welcome to IFI. You have a long life ahead of you to be able to learn blacksmithing. Don't try to rush it. Just practice a lot and read and learn all that you can. Enjoy, is the key to this. When you have a problem or question and can't find an answer in one of the forums, just ask. There is a lot of experience and knowledge on this site. Good luck. :D

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