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Dragons- The great escape


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Hi urnesBeast. The body has a 5/16 hole punched for the arms, a 1/8 x 5/8 slot for the wings and another 5/16 hole for the legs.
The arms are made out of one piece of 5/16 round with a flat area in the middle fullered cold. Same for the legs. The cold arm and leg rods are pushed through the hot body and then the body is squeezed down onto the flat parts of the rod to keep the rod from sliding out or turning.

The wings have long tennons on them and they pass thru the slot in the (cold)body. The ends are then wrapped around the body, trimmed to length and pushed down tight to hide the ends. One tennon wraps over the body, and the other goes under the body to form what looks like a collar. If you do this part hot, you can texture the "collar" and blend it into the body. If you make the end of the tennon too long, it won't be tight. If you make it too short, you can heat it with a torch and draw it out a bit longer using a slender cross-pein hammer (auto body hammer) until it touches the other wing.

The wings are made out of 0.060 inch sheet, so two tennons just fit a 0.125 inch slot.

After that, I do the hands and feet. They are hard to fit into my small propane forge at that point, but a coal forge works well for that kind of work.


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