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My resolutions for 2011


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Happy New Year to all.
1. Don't be hasty, it just gets me in trouble, and sweaty.
2. Look around more, lots to behold.
3. Seek wisdom, it doesn't just grow on me.
4. Take time to really enjoy the finished product.
5. See more blacksmiths and learn from them.
6. Quit thinking "I can't do that".
7. Enjoy every morning, it might be my last.
Anyway, that's what's on my mind 1-1-2011 9:53 am eastern.

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(1) Continue to explore health benefits of moderate quantities of single malt (uisge beatha). What the Hey, it's good for my mental health.
(2) Make it to see 2012.

Everything else is negotiable at this point.

I am unimpressed by the results of the hoppin' john and greens New Years prosperity tradition, this year I am going for filet mignon and caviar, see if that works.

Happy Hogmanay!

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What the heck I might as well throw this out there. Maybe it will help in the long run. If I publish this I will have to follow through with it.

Like Curly George I don't usually make New Year's resolutions anymore, but am going to make a exception this year and it is related to my buisness.

I want to stop taking on the mundane fab work and do more blacksmithing work. I want to manufactor items for sale instead of waiting for the phone to ring with a custom fab job. May God give me the strength to follow my heart and passion and say no to the work that pays the bills so I may do what makes me happy. Even if I go broke. <_<

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