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Wrought Iron Toaster - $1500

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This was posted on Craigs list - Wrought Iron Toaster - $1500
Discription says: Handmade by master blacksmith, holds two slices of bread sits on fireplace hearth, toast one side then revolves by "toe" . Very rare and guaranteed authentic. Photo included.

Yes that is a wrought iron 2 slice toaster that a blacksmith can still make today. I guess the guarantee is in writing, from the original blacksmith with a date of manufacture (grin). Wonder if his touchmark is included on the toaster?

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I would maybe be interested if it could toast raisin bread, anybody can forge a regular toaster...

Now that`s how you can tell a true master blacksmith.
When your raisin bread it evenly toasted on both sides,all raisins intact and the toe sticking out the end of your sock comes away unburned then you know you are in the presence of an item of work made by a master of the craft.A beauty to the eye and a delight to the toe as well as the palate.
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Im with you, Because I used to be in the biz of selling tools I used to have feelings over people asking ridiculous prices for things I knew the value of... But after a while you see that its the buyer that sets the price, not the seller... And that its his thing, he has the right to ask what ever he wants... and every once in a while people do pay way more for things than they are worth.... I am still guilty of getting smart with sellers from time to time... . I would likely send a message to this guy that said something like "WOW, Let me know if you sell that for $1500 because I could build you all of them you want for $150 each and we could both be rich!" B)

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