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My First Two Knives

Indiana Flintlock

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Thought I'd share some pictures of the first two knives I have made. I don't have much smithing experience, just some trigger guards and buttplates for flintlock rifles, but I'm mighty proud of these two! The sheath on the smaller knife will be a neck knife sheath once I get around to braiding a neck cord for it. I still need to make a sheath for the bigger one. I did the forging at Conner Prairie's workshop in Fishers, Indiana and had some good help getting these made right. They've got great forge facilities up there and up to now that's where I've done all my forge work but I've acquired an anvil and blower and will be building up a forge and building for it once the weather starts to warm up. I can't wait to really get at forging and start learning more. In the process of researching and reading in order to get my forge up and going I came across this forum and have spent the last few days reading. It's a great resource!

Let me know what you think of the knives. The wood handle is persimmon stained with nitric acid.






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love that "mouse" knife, really nice for your first ones! really nice! guess thats the diffrence good help gets you lol, i learned on my own and i can safely say that i'm with golgotha, mine wher not nery as close to looking that good...at all lol. so good job and i hope you can get up and running a.s.a.p cuz we all know you are jonesing for another go lol.

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