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Brian C.

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Jim, you got it.
Are the doors on teh forge all open?
But as you said, play with Fuel - air mix. The whisper line are atmospheric and so more challenging to adjust fuel ratios. Try higher pressure.
Also look at burner and see how the orifice is done, and perhaps make a new one ( larger) My gasser is home built so I can more easily change the orifce size.

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In a gas forge if you have too much air you will have an oxidizing flame and produce a lot of heavy scale that flakes off easily, neutral flame and it will still scale a little and it should come off with a little work, reducing flame and it won't scale much but the scale will be a little tougher to get off.

Fixs for the problem:-) On a Venturi burner the pressure as the oriface introduces the gas into the burner tube sucks in air through the back of the burner. The higher the pressure the more air it sucks in, what you probably need to do is to choke your air inlet "Somewhat" to change the flame characteristic to Neutral, if your burner tubes run cool:-) you might be able to get away with tape? (none that I have everseen do, but I have heard if guys using tape, YMMV:-) More likely you will need to try to fabricate a choke out of sheet metal, and it might not take much to fix the problem...

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I have a whisper Daddy NC forge and have use several of the whisper mommas. They are not easy to change the air fuel mix and I have never found a reason to change any of them. They are designed to use with the door closed until ready to remove the steel when it is hot. If you have the pressure set real low it may take a long time to get up to heat and that may increase scale. One thing I see is that if steel is heated to forgeing temp and not taken out the scale starts to build up. I wire brush each time before forgeing. Remember them ore heats you take the more scale you get. Not sure any of the above suits your situation...but fits my work...good luck.

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I run a "Whimper" Baby gasser and have the same problems with scale. One thing I noticed was that I got less scale if I did not put the workpiece directly under the flame. Put it off to the side but be carefull not to unevenly heat the piece. Most of the heat going into the work is actually radiated off of the refractory so being closer to the side wall can overheat one side of the work. :oops:

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