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A hammer I found the last summer on a flea market

De St Uby

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Last summer we went to a flea market here in France, and there I found a hammer as I had never seen it before.
I put you 2 pics :



The black hammer is a new one and has the usual length, above the old hammer found at the flea market.

I did not know a hammer having this length, probably made so that the tool lasts longer?
He will join my little blacksmith tools collection (after cleaning and restoring), and I just wanted to share with you this "curiosity".

(Sorry for my English it is not my native language, but I try to do my best).

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Don't worry about your english, its a LOT better than my french or any other language. Funny how people apologise for a "lack" of skill with a second language, I find it amazing that there are bilingual people out there as I have enough trouble with one language.

Anyway, are you sure its not a punch or drift of some sort as it looks as if it has a struck end?

Nice find :)

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Yes it is definitively a punch not a "hammer", my fault....
I "speak" three languages : French (nativ), German (I live near the border), English (I taught English at french school), and a little Spanish (not very good).
But certain days I mix the words regrettably........

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If you're interested in old Euro-French tools, there are two fantastic but hard-to-find picture books on the subject.

> "l'outil" by Paul Feller and Fernand Tourret. Albert DeVisscher, Editor. 1978. 225 pages. A large book, this is an
overview of tools with excellent photos.
> "LE LIVRE DE L'OUTIL" by Andre Velter and Marie-José Lamothe. Editions Phébus, Paris, 2003. 479 pages. A coffee
table sized, wonderful photo book which is divided into the tools used for the various trades.

Are these books expensive? Perhaps. It depends on your interest. Buying a good book is akin to buying a good tool.

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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