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I Forge Iron

Hello from NE Arkansas


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I looked at some of the popular books a cousin had who is interested in bladesmithing. What caught my eye was the craftskill involved in makeing tools.. art.. hardware.. blades.. I'm hooked. Last fathers day I made a ducksnest in the edge of the garden with a piece of pvc and a hair dryer for a blower and the tractor weight on a tiny "ricepaddy" tractor for an anvil.

Since, my overtime and learning curve have been inversely proportional.....

Today I'm cleaning some tanks to cut for a gas forge. Hopeing to hear from some of the scrap metal scavengers for a piece to use for a post anvil (later to be added to a powerhammer).

Interests near Jonesbor, AR ; Memphis, Tn ; Starkville, MS

kd5rcx, linux, phone work, wonderful family, 2 dogs, 1 cat....... oh, and a little long winded....


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Howdy, I originally hail from the NW corner of AR; but am currently in NM.

Have you been to the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis?

And as the first to welcome you here, may I suggest you give a general location in your setup so if you ask a location specific question later everybody knows *where* you are based at.

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Steve, Thomas, thanks for the posts. my time hasn``t been mine lately. All work and no play.

I work in Paragould and live just north of Bono. So we ARE practically neighbors.

I just went to the metal museum this past weekend. I was told the trip was worth it just to see the front gates...

and it was. I was really impressed. I`ll definately go back again!


Thanks again

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