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My Guillotine

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Hello all,

I made this out of 1/2" steel and 1/4" angle iron. I will be making more dies for it as I need them. Please post your dies and what you use them for, the dies pictured in this guillotine I use to make my candle cups.


I really like your design idea of separating the top die from the driving end. Seems it would be less work to make the dies much easier to store them. Looks like it was hard to get in with the MIG to weld the angle iron onto the 1/2" strap. I'd be inclined weld a couple of pieces across the gap for bracing. Probably unecessary. It's just my urge to overbuild speaking :). I think I have to copy your die design.

I think yours is the first candle holder I have ever liked. I generaly dont care for candle holders but yours is so elegant and graceful.
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Hi Steven. Here's a couple of pics of my guillotine with dies. I have one set like yours for necking down my candle cups and a hot cut cut off die made from the replaceable blade edge of a road grader blade. I like the way you made your dies seperate from the driver. :D




To get the flared end on the candle cup, you can cut off the socket end of a tire tool and weld it to a hardy pin with the shaft up. Hope this will help you. :D

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I just pull the driver and top die out when I need to reheat then drop them back in when it is time to beat again. The top die gets warm but even after hammering out several cups it does not get hot enough that you can not touch it. If I am only using a bottom die I have a longer and wider driver I use.

Thank you Maddog.

Curly I love that candle holder, I will have to try one of those.


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