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Antique Drill Press identification

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Um, DP may stand for drill press, just a guess. :)

A picture would be worth a thousand words in this case. Given the lack of markings it is things like the shapes of the flywheel and handles that can help to ID a machine.

You might have some luck searching for 'post drill' and seeing if any images that match your drill press turn up. Post drill is the common term for these hand cranked machines that are designed to mount to the wall or a post.

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Sounds like your talking about a Post Drill, seems like it should have some kind of marking stating the maker somewhere, maybe on the underside of a part?
DP probably just stands for Drill press like stated above, or drill plate? I doubt it has anything to do with the maker.

If you post a few pictures I'm sure someone can identify it quickly.

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I found this here


It says "PD 20-30" on it like you described. It has the makers mark in a lot of places but I'm not sure of the mark, I'm sure others would be familiar with it.

It looks to be a horseshoe or something inside of a diamond.

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I tried to post some pictures but it wouldn't work.
I was wrong about the number PD not DP.
I did a google search and found a couple that had been for sale but nothing else.

Check Here.
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Ox8266 and dkunkler,

I beleive those 2 are the same as the one I have.
So far I haven't seen the makers mark. It's kinda dirty so if and when I get around to doing some cleaning I might fing them.
Thanks again to all you guys help.


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