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Newbie here.....check out my anvil

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Hi everyone, just wanted to share my anvil and this really cool stand i just picked up.
To me the anvil is a mystery make. But it's 97lbs, has good rebound, and the best part
about it is i got it pretty cheap!!! It has a 3/4in harty hole. I couldn't wait to make
a couple hardy tools to go with it, so i fab-ed up two bending forks and a cut off tool.
my most resent purchase was the blue stand and the anvil/vise came bolted on. All i really
wanted was the stand for my anvil, because i was using 4-6X6's bolted together. That worked
fine but i love the shape of the blue stand (kinda art deco).

Now for the Anvil/vise I didn't really want it at first, because the rear jaw (that can be
moved)was welded to the face, and there is a piece broken off the side, taking some of the
saw teeth with it (pictured). The same guy had the cool hand crank grinder. Well, the price
was right so i got them all as i packaged deal. I did a little research (Google
is my friend), the anvil/vise was patented on Jan 15 1895 by the Farwell/Adams Co. in Dubuque,
Iowa. And all i could find out about the grinder is that is was made by Luther Grinders and
was the "Challenge" model.

Feedback on any and/or all is greatly appreciated.







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No, i will not be pounding on that vise. My plans are to just restore it, clean it up, slap some paint on it, and display it on the shelf.

Anyone have an idea of what color these old tools were painted from the factory? If nothing else i'll just paint it a standard machine grey.

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