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I Forge Iron

New steak flipper.


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Made this as a test to see how it would look, so the edges are not as refined as they should be.
It actually came out better, and more comfortable to hold than I expected.
I left the handle end in-tact so you could tell what it was.
The "ST CROIX FORGE" stamp is perfectly ledgible on the other side.
Over all it about 16 inches long. Heat blued and brushed with a brass brush, then treated to a linseed brushing.


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I like idea stolen, I have about 300 horse shoes laying around. We also make shoe horns out of horse shoes. Leave the last bit open above the horn so people can tell thats what it is. Heres a picture of what it looks like but I got carried away with the power hammer and closed it up to much. Sorry for the large pictures posted them a different way and couldn't resize them.


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