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things I learned at Brian Brazeal's hammer class

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Well first off I would like to thank Brian and Lyle, (LDW) for coming to South Carolina to share there experience and knowledge.
I am in awe of the time and effort they have put into the craft and the generosity they show us.

First thing i learned is how to listen!
you wouldn't believe how hard it is to shut up and listen to what someone is teaching, and Brian is very good at letting you know you are not listening LOL.

Second thing is understanding, Actually taking the time to walk around and see what the other students are doing or having trouble with helped me understand
what i was doing wrong and how to correct it.

and the last thing i will share with you all is how important it is to THINK and Reason out what and Why you are doing the steps you are taught.

Thanks a bunch for a great time and a Great Hammer (which Lyle helped me fix ;P);)

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just one of my very few thoughts...

looking at their work, and the way its done, i think anyone could learn something... if they wanted to. that they are a good teacher aswell...phew!
im jealous of the other aussie,(being able to afford the trip and tuition fares and time, good on him!).....lol. (and if all were available to me at one time, id be bugging them for a lesson, no matter what i thought i knew.. and can usually always be improved upon)
i learn alot from what they and others post on here, i can imagine how much more would be gained from guided attendance and the practice.

.....nothin to see here now .....move along!......lol

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Well Said Ironsmith!!!
It has taken me all my life to understand that what you said is Productive and Profitable.
I wish I had been a little quicker on the up-take, I would most likely know a whole
lot more at this time in my life!
I would hope people who are new in this craft will read what you have said:
Then apply it!
Thanks for caring enough to share your wisdom.

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thanks for the replies guys,
we finished up today, and heat treated our hammers, it was really great to see everyone end up with a hammer. I had to leave before he demonstrated putting a handle on his demo piece, but I am sure the other guild members took notes for me, hated to leave for sure!
I Really hope I can hold on to and remember what they showed us, it was really a great experience well worth the money I spent on it...

Looking forward to passing on what I learned to some of the other guild members who coudn't attend , if I have time i will right up something for our newsletter..

well that's all for now!

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I had a blast with these guys. They were all willing to jump in there and give it a go. They would ask for help when they needed it and Brian would steer them on. I did my best to help all I could. These guys know how to take things seriously and still have a lot of fun. Here are the pics I was able to sneak in. I wish we could have had a little time so Brian could show you the benefits of the hammer everyone made. http://picasaweb.google.com/LDWynn/SouthCarolinaHammerMakingClass#

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I heard or saw a quote just recently and can't remember who to give credit to, but here it is; "I've noticed that I've never learned anything while I was talking". Sound about right?

Some people also say that we have two ears and only one mouth because we're supposed to listen twice as much as we talk.
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