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Is this a fake?


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I can tell fake from real when it comes to Japanese swords but the one looks like it has a real hamon but I can't tell?I don't know if its a fake hamon on a really bad polish job.

eBay: 19th SHARP BLADE JAPANESE COWSKIN SHORT WAKIZASHI SWORD (item 290048661183 end time Nov-18-06 17:19:23 PST)

Update Sorry it's fake I look at the top of the blade and it not real.Gota hate sword sellers on ebay.

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Well technically a sharpened aluminum yardstick can kill or maim someone if swung like a sword, much the same as a cheap-O 304 stainless steel wallhanger "ninja sword" could kill or maim. So I guess you could call this a "real sword". But is it Nihonto? heck no ! This is probably a antiqued copy of a supposed samurai sword made in mainland China or elsewhere. The Horrible rough finish work on the fittings and furniture is a dead giveaway. I've never seen true Nihonto that was carelessly finished in any way what so ever!!!


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