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  1. I don't know were I would find railroad track and this looks really cheap but it is also very rusty.eBay: Anvil / Small / Rail Track / Japanese / Vintage (item 230047846498 end time Nov-19-06 20:00:00 PST) Would this work with a little sanding on the top?
  2. Well I thought the first post said it was illegal.I thought most if not all knife were legal as long as there aren't taken out of the home.Now I know there are a lot of laws about taken out in to other places outside the home.I think as long as the smith just didn't take any of his knifes out of home there would be no problem
  3. Hey guys I got black pipe from home depot and it is the right size charcoal forge.I look at and it was not listed as galvanized.I was just wondering if there is any bad stuff I should sand off and clean before putting.It looks just like the one in the pic of the forge. WOW I didn't read the new posts.Thanks for all the help.It should be done very soon after I get clay or cat litter LOL and put holes in the pipe.
  4. Hey would a grill like this work also or should I buy a ovel tub to make the charcoal forge?
  5. Here all the names I could find for anvils Acme Ajax American-Ross American Skein and Foundry Armitage Eagle Arm and Hammer Alsop Badger Baker Bay State Black Jack Black Prince Bradley Brooks and Cooper Buffalo Forge Champion Charles Hadfield Cliff Carrol Columbus Anvil and Forging Columbian Harden Co Columbus Forge and Iron Cranberry CW Delta Denver Dural DuraSteel Eagle Fireside Fisher-Norris Fulton Hay Budden Henery Wright Herculies Indian Chief Insonora J.E. Pilcher Kim Bach farriers anvil Keen Kutter KL Kohlswa Lakeside Louisville Forged Anvil Mankel Mouse Hole Oak Leaf Old Forge Onsteel Paragon Pedinghaus Peter Wright Record R. Redding Rock Island Roberts Anvil Sampson Sligo Snyder & Oaks Soderfors Southern Crescent Standard Star Trenton Trenton Indian Chief Valley Vernaium Steel Village Forge Vulcan Arm-Hammer West Wilkinson William Foster Yost "Y" in a circle
  6. Great I found a great deal on 1095 texas knifemakers.One question which would make a nicer small beginner knife 1080 or 1095 they cost the same.
  7. Hey does anyone know a good place that ships carbon steels like 1086 for a good price?It will be for knife making.I have searched the net but a lot of the places were not clear on how much it cost.
  8. Thanks I feel better now I didn't want to start smithing get sick.I'll just stay clear of zinc and other coatings.
  9. Hey I read about PawPaw and it freaked me out.Does anyone know a good steel seller that list whats in it and sells just pure carbon still no zinc and other bad stuff on it?
  10. elfshadow14


    Hey I have seen people using files for knife metal.How much carbon do they have in them?
  11. Well I have only found maybe 2-3 real nbthk sword.But I have seen a naginata put on a pizza box with nbthk papers so sometimes I check to make sure some moron cleaned a real one with steel wool or sand paper.But yeah I didn't see the kissaki was all wrong.
  12. Hey I love japanese blades and you keep to there style very well.Great tanto. BTW have you ever made a katana or wakizashi?
  13. I can tell fake from real when it comes to Japanese swords but the one looks like it has a real hamon but I can't tell?I don't know if its a fake hamon on a really bad polish job. eBay: 19th SHARP BLADE JAPANESE COWSKIN SHORT WAKIZASHI SWORD (item 290048661183 end time Nov-18-06 17:19:23 PST) Update Sorry it's fake I look at the top of the blade and it not real.Gota hate sword sellers on ebay.
  14. I found this on ebay and I'm going to do knife smithing. eBay: Small Blacksmith Railroad Track Anvil & Hardie Jewelry (item 170046228441 end time Nov-13-06 18:47:48 PST)
  15. Hey check out this site it has some really good knife smiths. Knife Art Custom Knives - Custom Folding Knives & Damascus Knives
  16. Thanks for the reply The reason I want charcoal is because I'm trying to start out making knife smithing and thought it would be a good choice but gas is sounding pretty good now.Would anyone know if you could make a gas forge for around 50$ - 70$?Or would trying charcoal be good for a beginner.
  17. Hey I think the knife look really nice.Hey how much harder is making folder than a fixed handle?To me it looks like a art all in it self.
  18. Man thanks I have never got so many helpful replies before. The wash tub forge looks great thanks for all the replies. BTW Rantalin how much faster is gas one you got on ebay then a wash tub forge. And if it really is alot faster would you suggest buying one on ebay or is making a gas forge not that hard?
  19. Hi i'm getting into knifesmithing and need a cheap forge.i would like to use charcoal as the heatsource.would anyone know of a guide on making one?
  20. Hi I join awhile ago but never got around to posting.But I'm getting ready to start knife smithing.I got my hammers today and I'm happy LOL.The one thing I need to make is a cheap home made avil or buy a cheap one.I hope to start smithing soon.:D