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Laurel Machine and Foundry 175#

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Well it's worth about twice as much where I live now than where I used to live. Where you are at I haven't a clue and so can't even hazard a guess!

Also "good" is very subjective term; I have seen anvils rated as good that I wouldn't buy for scrap rates and others listed as fair that I thought were in great condition.

Are pictures a possibility?

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I have a Laurel Machine and Foundry cone mandrel that I bought new from them about 10+ years ago. It is beautifully designed ,cast and finished. I saw their anvils in the catalog, but never in person, but if they are as well made as the cone, I bet they are a good anvil.

I think I recall that Sid at Little giant was selling their anvils for a while. I bought one of the Laurel hand cone mandrels from him and it was the same, well designed,cast and finished from good material.

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Yup, got one of the four for $450.00. A couple of little nicks on the edge of the face, otherwise cherry.

Good. I worked on one when I took a class at Campbell. Must be pretty good to take the daily use. As a side note, a friend bought me one of the coal forge set ups. Pretty good deal. Got a vise stand, some tongs, stainless steel side draft hood and a few sections of flue pipe along with a flue cap. Now I just need to finish my shop.
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