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Citric Acid Rust Treatment


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A while back I had a conversation with a water system engineer . While talking about corrosion he asked me what blacksmiths use to treat/kill corrosion. My standard response was phosphoric acid. He said that for water supply systems citric acid is used exclusively. This makes sense for the food or water supply infrastructure. But what about other day to day applications in a black smith shop ? Any body ever try citric acid for rust treatment ?

I walked into a paint store the other day and requested citric acid based rust treatment. They never heard of it.

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Hmmm. I have a couple of old battery drill chargers . Wonder if one would work as a DC power supply for electrolytic rust removal.

I typically use wall warts with the transformers on the plug. Normally I work with under an amp because I'm doing small things. You'll want to increase the amperage as you get into bigger parts.
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