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A few things I whipped up recently: 2 hooks and a chisel.

For the hooks, I wirebrushed using an angle grinder and then applied some wax/linseed oil/turpentine paste after heating with a hairdryer. I didn't wirebrush between heats and I kinda like the "textured" result.

I made the nail on the one hook too long, and I still need to practice my elftoe curls to get them smoother. Maybe a longer taper?

For the chisel, I have a few railroad "clips"- basically 1in round turned into a pretzel. It's roughly 1030-1040 (I think) so I quenched the tip in water and then tempered it by putting the other end in the forge and watching the colours. The divots in the middle are where it was bent. It's a quick'n'dirty chisel, more to see if the steel would take an edge than anything else- I'll be making a nicer one , as well as a slot punch and maybe a slitter next time I fire up the forge.



post-13166-090367200 1288418540_thumb.jp

post-13166-000576100 1288418567_thumb.jp

post-13166-098437100 1288418593_thumb.jp

post-13166-066008700 1288418621_thumb.jp

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They all look workable from here. I forget what the RD stock rail clips are called, Pendrol clips or something similar. They are I think 1045 and make good struck or pry tools, they're way more tough than hard.

Frosty the Lucky.

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