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air powered chasing chisel

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thanks francis. I have a spring loaded one similar to the mark aspery and many others that i have seen and i made a cup to fit over my chisel and then it fits in a hand held air hammer. I would like to make it controlled off a foot petal so that i could have both hands free to move the material i know i saw this sort of a get up somewhere maybe on anvil fire way back in the day.

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That is a really wonderful testement to the metalworkers art and I really like turtles too. :D

I think you maybe onto something with the planishing hammer thing but it has to fast of cycle rate for good control. When I'm doing repousse by hand and following a line it's hard enough but with that fast rate of an air hammer I don't know that you could follow a line very well, and the chisle head keeps spining around between strokes. I guess we're just talking about putting some vanes in steel aren't we? Is there a way to slow down the number of hits on air chisle? :mellow:

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Try Trow and Holden air tools. These are professional grade air tools used for carving stone. For a given size different strokes are available. I would think that the shorter stroke would be used for chasing.

I never have used mine for chasing but it I believe that they would serve well for that application. They have three sizes. The smaller size would perform very delicate work. I have seen the smaller size T&H tools used for cleaning up fossils with tooling essentially like dental tools. The larger sizes should be more than needed.

I have used mine for stone and wood carving. These tools are not cheap but performance is strong and control smooth. Each size tool has a performance power range by varying air pressure.


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