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what is the best source for itc 100

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hello everyone,

I am in the process of building a small freon tank propane forge. I am trying to keep costs as low as possible on this thing. The forge is basically done, I just have to insulate it. I have the kaowool already and I now need some itc 100. I was just wondering if you guys know the best place to buy it for the best price. Also, how much do you think I'll need? Oh and if anyone has enough left over from one of their projects I would be glad to buy it from you, if you can take paypal.


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Here are links to three sources. check the sources for their pricing... don't forget tax and shipping!


http://www.zoellerforge.com/flare.html see Plistix 900F


I have used all three sources at various times.

One of the sites indicated you would need 1/2 pint for a freon tank sized forge. Get a pint.. it doesn't go bad and if you damage the lining, you will need more ITC-100 to patch it. I bought a pint 4 years ago, lined a two bricker three times with it and this summer finished a freon tank forge, contributed a 1/4 cup of it to another knifemaker and still have plenty left. Oh by the way, ITC-100 is applied as a very thin coat.. it is not smeared on like mortar.

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