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I Forge Iron

lots of welding and cutting


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I know its not forging, but it took a lot of welding and burning. I am buliding a 1941 dodge 1 ton and putting it on a 1977 power wagon frame with chevy 1 1/2 axles with dana 60's both front and back and 4:11 gears. It will be powered by a 460 with a C-4 tranny and NP 205, will post more pics, I already have the cab and front clip in place. Oh the flatbed is made out of 4x2 and 4x1 square tubing.

post-8518-092832300 1285298805_thumb.jpg

post-8518-003413800 1285298846_thumb.jpg

post-8518-004981000 1285298883_thumb.jpg

post-8518-055832900 1285299114_thumb.jpg

post-8518-062954800 1285299128_thumb.jpg

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Brings back fond memories...

I had a '39 civilian cab on a '41 military 1 ton chassis for years. Truly an indestructible rig. Believe me, I tried. ;) The front bumper was a piece of 1/4"x2x8" or 10" Channel. I side swiped a 8" dia. lodge pole pine at about 40 MPH. Bent the bumper back to a very complementary angle THATS IT! cut the tree off like a chain saw AND pulled the stump out of the ground when I ran over it with the doullies. I liked the new bumper angle so much... I did it to the other side...... Ahh, The things you do when your young....

My 51 willys was the best though. It could go places others could only dream of :D

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