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My new burner


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I just finished my first burner and it is a winner.It is based on the Oliver-upwind burner.Found this site about a week ago and thought this is so simple a caveman could do this.Corny aint it. It does work really well. Wish I had a camera ,sorry no pics. The only thing I changed is the flair . I used a 1 inch coupling with three set screws instead . The flame looks just like the one in the picture, nice and blue with a little orange around the edges . Now I have to build the forge. I'm thinking of using a freon tank but I do have a 10 inch diameter piece of pipe 12 inches long. Anybody have a suggestion.

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I completed fabrication of a Freon tank forge about a month ago. I used the Freon tank build tutorial in the Ron Reill pages on the ABANA website. I forge blades so the freon tank is the right size for me. Your post did not specify the burner tube size, but I believe it is 3/4" black pipe. If so, that should be more than adequate for the freon tank sized forge. Should you decide to go with the Freon tank, drop me an email. I have several suggestions that I intend to incorporate in the next freon tank forge I build.

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