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First knife

Duke of Nada

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Thanks, now if I could just put a good edge on it. The art of sharping has always eluded me.

The best way Ive found to sharpen a blade is a sharpening kit. the one I used comes with a vise like thing to hold the blades and to guide the stone. the stones all have rods in them to help guide them. the kits I have comes with 5 stones, a triangular one for serrated blades, i have yet to figure out. a extra course stone, a course stone, a medium stone and then a fine stone. combine these with a leather strop and I've gotten a razor edge. without this kit I find it hard to sharpen a blade as well. I can still get a usable edge but not a shaving edge.
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You can't tell much by these pics but there is a big difference from the first post to now. I reshaped the angle of the blade form the back of the knife to the cutting edge. I tried to use a file so not to over heat the blade. but it didn't hardly scratch it. Had to use the table top sander and then re-temper the blade with a map gas torch being careful not to burn the handle.

I've sanded the metal and polished it. The knife is still not perfect. I should have removed the handles, but didn't so the blade is still rough looking up next to the handle. I found out that buffing wheels don't take the rpm of a table grinder. So I put a peace of leather on a palm sander and applied the polishing compound on it. I managed to get it sharp enough to shave my arm with a wet rock.



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