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Mystery Tool


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I have one of those too, because I am a plumber. It is a seat wrench.

OK,are you gonna tell us what kind of seat?
I thought it was some type of specialized wrench,like those weird looking bung wrenches the drum handlers used.I got mine in a yard sale box lot.
Then I was given the erroneous info about it being a swage/manderel.It works well for that type of stuff though,brought both copper and brass pipe back to round for me.
You`d think someone my age would know enough not to believe everything he hears. :rolleyes:
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It is a seat wrench. Used to install and remove the fitting on old steam and hot water radiators. the big cast ones that stack togather and have 4 bolts going the lenght of them. The fitting have threads and a tapered seat on the OD that will not seal if damaged. ID is shaped just like the steps on the tool.

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Having hammered apart many cast iron radiators for the purpose of recasting them into my ewers, I can attest to the purpose of this tool. The nipples that are screwed into the top and bottom of each section are shaped just like that tool. I can say that after a cast iron radiator has been in use for 6 or 7 decades it ain't going to just come unscrewed for fun. :blink:

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