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Hi folks I just recently picked up blacksmithing as a hobby and happened to be over a friends house and found his father had an old anvil, after digging it out from the back of the garage and getting it home I've been trying to ID it. Its 129 pounds according to the bathroom scale, and has a C in an inverted triangle, nothing else on the sides that I can make out, but there is what looks like lettering on each foot, but not sure what it means. With the C in the triangle I was thinking it was a Columbian Hardware Company anvil, the family also coming from Ohio helps support this as well, but the shape doesn't look like any of the pictures I've seen of the other Columbian anvils, it looks more German or European. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

post-14815-064203400 1283815348_thumb.jp

post-14815-006137900 1283815358_thumb.jp

post-14815-092873500 1283815364_thumb.jp

post-14815-010287000 1283815374_thumb.jp

post-14815-069736500 1283815394_thumb.jp

post-14815-003630200 1283815403_thumb.jp

post-14815-007929000 1283815410_thumb.jp

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Well thanks for the confirmations folks, this things a beauty I got to say, my friends family didn't give it to me, but they are kind enough to let me use it until they have a need for it, which is going to probably be a little while as its been sitting under a workbench for 10+ years. Got to say for my first anvil I think I might of hit the jackpot :) any ideas as to the letter on the feet? Now to clean it up a little bit.

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