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Osage Orange/O-1 & Walnut/W-1


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The first knife is O-1 with an Osage Orange handle with a linseed oil finish. It was for someone's 12 year old son so I included a booklet that talked about knife maintenance, and a bit of a beeswax/linseed oil/turpentine mixture to help keep the sheath and handle nice.

The second knife is W-1 with a black walnut handle and copper pins.

post-12166-000289000 1283144388_thumb.jp

post-12166-034631500 1283144394_thumb.jp

post-12166-031404300 1283144405_thumb.jp

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I like the way they look. On the one for the boy I dislike the way you've handled the transition from the handle to the blade though... there is no room for a finger above the handle (without getting cut) and yet the sharp transition makes you want to put one there. I think you should either have put a guard on it or cut the handle back there to make a finger notch or ground enough ricasso to protect a finger there. Actually if I were doing it I would have made a ricasso AND tapered the handle more there to make it easier to grip. VERY pretty blades though! I really like the Nordic style sheath!

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Bigfoot, I see what you mean about the guard and it makes sense, but I've made a few knives of this style and I love their versatility. You can get in and cut so many different ways without bumping the guard into thing. Also having no guard makes it possible to make the sheath like that.

Golgotha, it is a mixture of beeswax/linseed oil/turpentine that I made for the son.

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I think that O-1 works fine for anything smaller that about 12 or 15 inches, but I'm not too sure the largest O-1 blade I've made is a 10 inch kitchen knife. But if you're differentially heat treating the blade I'm sure you can get away with a decent sized blade.

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