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"Studebaker" Dave Brooks passes


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From the email

It falls to me, to pass on the unhappy knowledge that our crusty blacksmithing friend, "Studebaker" Dave Brooks, died of an apparent heart attack up at the mine where he lived. He'd been ill for a couple of weeks. I don't know what will become of his pet rattlesnake that lived under his porch.

"Studebaker" Dave Brooks was a blacksmith from California. No other information is available.
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Hello Gang! Thanks for remembering dear my friend Dave (I christened him "Klau Mine Dave" given my interest more on the mining and geology end of the business). He was my older brother I never got from my parents. He was also one of my best friends. I had the dubious honor of being the one who found his body but had the high honor of being the one who tried to nurse him along at the end of his life. He suffered from an undiagnosed case of emphysema compounded by a right lung infection. Years of living next to a dusty road and on a SuperFund site (Klau and Buena Vista mercury mines in San Luis Obispo Co. for which he was caretaker) as well as working on diesel engines (he could build or fix just about anything mechanical) as well as coal dust from his forge all contributed to his untimely demise at age 47. I recently posted on my blog his reading a poem he penned: http://eclecticarcania.blogspot.com/2012/09/those-who-came-before.html

BTW, we let that rattlesnake free the day after he died and she scooted off into the grass adjacent to Dave's domocile.

Note: Dave produced an incredible wrought iron fence that was the defining work of his life and which he finished within months of his life. All of his friends had the honor of helping him with various parts of this pinnacle of his achievement. When I get a decent image of the gate which he showed off at the Blacksmith conference in Ferndale in Spring 2010 I shall post it on my blog and post a link to that right here.

Kim Patrick Noyes
Paso Robles, CA

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