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help with finish and handle


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this is a leaf spring bowie a ranger friend of mine wanted (made to his shape specs). i've got the forgeing part finished, have a very light grind on it just to nock out all the pits and make sure it's flat with no bumps, and i have it oil quenched after i normalized it 2 times. how should i go about grinding straight, even bevels onto it. and how should i handle it?

post-7865-045189900 1281353010_thumb.jpg

post-7865-094322100 1281353028_thumb.jpg

post-7865-020460800 1281353038_thumb.jpg

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It looks really great so far! As far as the handle is concerned there's all kinds of variations..antler, bone, wood, leather...the sky is the limit! Or u can use a combination of those..u've got a full tang so it should be pretty simple..as far as the grinding is concerned..practice..that's the key thing...


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If it were mine, I would go with a stacked leather washer handle, remeniscent of the handle on a marine corp Kbar. If a friend of mine made me one with your blade design and that handle back when I was still in the service, I would have been exstatic(spelling).

the best part of the leather handle if you make a handgard and a buttcap and the rest is just pieces of leather stanck, glued and then shaped. could be an easy handle. that would take the abuse a service knife might get put through

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