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charcoal forge questions


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I've recently began making brake drum forges for sale. I'm basing my design off of the forge I use daily.

My forge has a bathroom fan for an air supply, it has an airflow of 50cfm, 2 inch pipe for a tuyere and ash dump, and a dimmer switch to control the flow of air. Is 50cfm enough air flow? I intend these to be used with charcoal not coal as coal is hard to find in my area. although they could be used for both I guess.

If this is insufficient airflow where can I find a supply of blower fans as cheaply as possible.

I intend to eventually, when I get a good welder, start making other designs. They will be something with a table to it. Which is better a square or round fire pot? I figure square will be easier to cut and fit for welding, but I'm looking for usefulnes, which is better for the smith using them? or would a inverted cone shape be better?

thanks guys

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I think there was a guy in the followed me home thread a few weeks ago that found a barrel of aluminum blowers at a scrap yard for $10 each, may have been buffalo blowers?
Seems a good way to step it up a notch without breaking the bank.

you know... i saw that one. I'll look into it.
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Here they are, Champion not buffalo. I think someone should buy them all an re-sell them. Shipping to CA kills it for me. Post # 2273 in It followed me home.
Good luck with this.



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Posted 27 July 2010 - 10:02 AM
The blower cost me $10, by the pound price for mixed Al & Steel. The outside diameter of the casting is about 7 1/2" the inside fan of the one I have is steel finned, others there were cast Al, like the case. The gears look like steel. Some of the input shafts were milled others were not. They are out in the rain and elements so they have some water in the blower section and might be in the gearbox. They way I checked out the blowers was to try and turn the fan first and go from there. When I could get the fan to spin then I put an adjustable wrench on the input shaft and gave it a crank or two. Most of them hummed away pretty good and blew dirty water, leaves, and the occasional mouse nest all over me. Some had a little noise but nothing binding. Since I do not know the actual condition of these things, I cannot guarantee them other than a good spin test.

If you are really interested let me know I will go and get one for you. I hate to see these things go to waste and would like to help others out. I would like to let them go for as cheap as possible, blower plus S&H. That being said do not ask for all of them.

Let me know,


Here is a couple more shots of the blower gearbox and fan rust.
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