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Rasp Knife


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Here's a knife I'm putting the finishing touches on at the moment - still have a little hand polishing to do and misc nit-picking. Blade is 11.25", overall knife length is 17.25". Handle is ash with 2 strand twisted copper wire pins. The ring and bolsters are welded elevator cable. I silver brazed bolsters to the blade - which was a learning experience since I've never brazed before in my life (and I know why, Safety-Silv 45 was $130 for 3 t.o.!). Sheath is a single piece of 5oz hide, gel antiqued with copper rivets and burrs. I decided to keep things basic just because there's only so much that can be done with a rasp knife before it doesn't look like a rasp and looks like just another knife. Let me know what you think.


post-7730-088011600 1279847206_thumb.jpg
post-7730-099385000 1279847227_thumb.jpg
post-7730-048139200 1279847256_thumb.jpg

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I generally feel that leaving too much of the old file is over the top...in a bad way, but I like it in this case. The coarseness of the welded cable guard, and the whimsy of the bit on the end suits the look of a blade ground out of an old rasp, and looking like just that.


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It's actually hammered - I've never had the knack for stock removal (it brings out the ocd in me). I used my flex shaft rotary tool to clean up some small bits (like evening out the interior of the ring/ bolster/ brazes) and flatten out an area for my etch and my 1 x 42 to bring my edges down to sharp and round down the spine - otherwise it's all hammers, mallets and hand sanding blocks - I typically hammer rather close to finish, taking my time towards the end and switching to my favorite planishing hammer (it's 1.5 flat square on one side and 1.5 flat round on the other and I can't seem to find them anymore now that most bodyshops have gone to the air versions) to get rid of marks and finish drawing my edges.

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