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Flypresses ... don't we just love them


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Here's a very useful style flypress some of you might not have seen before. The "base" is a very usefull 75mm square hole that you can put what you want to into. Kinda comes into it's own when working on curvilinear work. Refreshes the parts other flypresses cant reach.

Over here in England flypresses are extremely plentiful and usually very cheap, typically £50 to £300 on ebay. That said I've only ever seen one this style when surfing the 'bay. If you see one BUY IT ..... you won't regret it.

post-11205-071228900 1278670159_thumb.jp post-11205-000979300 1278670157_thumb.jppost-11205-079919800 1278670151_thumb.jp post-11205-071382200 1278670148_thumb.jp

post-11205-035022000 1278670154_thumb.jp

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I like! I've seen something similar and thought that could be done on a normal press with a couple large bars that would stick out pass the table. Now all I need is a reason, or do I?

there's always a "need" to get a new tool, I guess a lot of us on IFI have the afflication. No cure other than to get the tool ..... but then ......there's always the next ....:)
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