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Abused or used ?

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well i just bought it ..looks old and has not even one straight surface. I was reading the project's that irnsrgn posted about anvil repair but ...i don't think that they aply for this anvil...i was thinking about mounting a new plate on it ....so i can still hmmer it. any ideas how do i do it? fix it ?
well here it is




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Nice european style with plowmakers slanted side.

If it were me I'd clean the face with a belt grinder and use the flatish bit opposite the slanted side to forge on. No other repairs. The flat face-worn face transition would be a great tool for drawing---like a built in bottom fuller!


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i bought an anvil at a BAM meeting many years ago.
it had been repaired. i ask a lot of questions. seems
he milled the face on a milling machine, and put down
a 1/2 in. plate of S-7, and welded it to the anvil.
this is air hardening tool steel. it has held up very well.
good luck with your projects.
wright city, mo.

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