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Mankel 2 burner forge

SoCal Dave

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I 've been looking at propane forges. I'm interested in the Mankel 2 burner forge. With a blower, it should get up to welding heat. One web site said the 3 burner gets up to 2600 degress. I assume it would be necessary to block off the front portion to reach welding heat and use the side openings like other forges. I like the design which allows for odd shape piece to fit into the forge. Other people have said that the mankel forge was designed for horseshoeing, but does that mean it can't be use for general blacksmithing. Has anyone had experience with the Mankel 2 or 3 burner forges? Does it get up to welding heat with a reasonable time, and with the blower, does this present any other problems or issues? I heard of one person who converted his to an atmospheric forge after a time, but he didn't say why.

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I have used a mankel horseshoers special forge few almost 20 years. When I got it it had a 120 volt blower on it, I converted to atmosphereice many years ago because I used it in the truck and didnt want to haul cords. If you keep a good liner in it it does a very good job and you cn weld with no problem.

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