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Where do i find an oil burner cheap

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looks like a gun off a Fuel oil furnace
Any plumber who replaces furnaces should have one as long as you are not in the deep south or an area that mainly uses natural gas
I take the copper out of the motor and scrap the rest on the ones I get

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I too have a fuel oil furnace burner similar to that,I'm going to use it for my new foundry furnace after modifying it (if necessary) burn bio or petroleum waste oil.
They are out there, check with demolition contractors or general contractors doing an up grade, you can usually get them for hauling it off or real cheap.
Good luck........... B)

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The question is, what exactly are you going to be using it for? Are you building an oil-fired forge, or a heat treat oven? A furnace burner would be way overkill for, say, a forge that you were just going to be heating knife blanks in. These things put out beaucoup heat energy, and that's an understatement. You are going to need a forge with a fairly big internal volume (and really good refractory) just to have it burn correctly. There are also a few other considerations. The fuel, if it is WMO, is going to have to be very well filtered, or you are going to be constantly fighting clogged nozzles. There are simpler (and possibly cheaper) alternatives, a Brute or Moya style injector burner, or, a hotbox (ursutz) burner. Personally, I think the latter has great potential as a forge burner. Simple to build, and no fuel is blown directly into the forge chamber, allowing for better atmosphere control. (Great. Hopefully I haven't just started a massive "which is better" debate...) When I get a few projects off the docket, sometime before the end of the year, I am going to build a vertical forge to test my Paint Bucket Ursutz in, just for grins and giggles. A home heating burner (Beckett is one manufacturer) can be found around here on Craigslist occasionally for free up to $150 or so. I don't know how available they would be down south.

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Im just tryin to find a better way to heat the steel than my cheapy forge i made with a wheel. Idk if its cuz im usin charcoal or what. I really want a propane forge i just can never find one for less than $200

Look at Sweany`s post on forge doors and click on his link,plenty of good ideas there for cheap and easy gassers.
They man is a genius when it comes to improvising and doing things on the cheap.
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