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First time running the 2CH Chambersberg..

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Dont you guys get sore standing on one leg all day, it suprises me that you have your foot control set so high. We always try to adjust our foot controls so that with the hammer running at full stick, the pedal is flat on the floor that way you have both legs taking equal weight, and you are more stable. The best setup I have seen or used was at tech here in Newcastle (when it had a blacksmith shop) in that the 3 cwt massey had the pedal set into a trough in the floor so you were standing on both legs using the ball of your foot to drive the hammer, (no there were no accidents with people stepping on it by accident).

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Yeah this hammer is not installed for operation, That was the first time the hammer has been run since rebuilding the front end. In the video its sitting loose on two 4X4's I agree the treadle needs some tinkering but first I need to get a base/foundation built that will determine the work height

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