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First Camp Axe

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This is my first attempt at forgeing a hand camp axe.
I wanted a small axe to be able to cut wood, & to be able to hammer in pegs.
It had to be light for hike camping but strong & be able to take a good impact blow.
It is forged from a piece of S7 tool steel 1 1/4" Dia x 4" Long.
Finished size is Hammer face 1 1/8" sq x 1 1/4" from edge of handle.
Bit of axe is 3/4" thick near handle x 1" wide Length is 3 1/2" x 2 5/8" wide at edge.
A file will just work the edge of the blade.
Tried it aganist some 1/4" mild steel (mild steel lost) with no sign of chiping or edge roll.
So I guess I will see how it goes.
Here are a few pics. Let me know what you all think.
post-4893-008438100 1276328455_thumb.jpgpost-4893-009802200 1276328574_thumb.jpgpost-4893-037330800 1276328722_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for the coments Guys
It worked a treat over last weekend
Cutting hardwood stakes for garden & pruning some old dead native bushes to get to the roots to dig out.

Handle is about 3" too short so will have to change it (only about 13" at the moment)

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